Special Needs Students

Gulf College provides opportunities for the disabled students to study the following programmes:

  1. General Foundation Programme Leading to Higher Education

  2. Faculty of Business and Management Studies


Special Needs Coordinator

Omeima Ali Ahmed Galaledin

Faculty of Business and Management Studies


Energetic with the deaf. Expert in sign language, Deaf Education .ability to communicate with the Deaf people as well as being gifted to coexist with different cultures and different work environments, participates in team and community affairs, has a strong preference for straightforward communication, expedites action, willing to venture into the unknown, able to handle variety and demanding assignments, makes decisions and acts without precedence.
A Postgraduate Student. Doing Master’s program by Research in Special Education in Sign Language (Sudan University Of Science& Technology). Pre-Masters   Guidance & Counseling. Faculty of Art–Department of Psychology- University of Al Neelain, 2005. Bachelor of Management Studies Office Management/ Specialization, Ahfad University for Women, Sudan 2000. Deaf Studies & Courses. Sign Language Certificates: Certificate in Sudanese Sign Language, Certificate in Arabic Sign Language Trainer, Certificate in Sudanese sign language Trainer, The use of sign language dictionary (Part I), Arab Sign Language Interpreter.   

Email: oumayma@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext.: 155



List of other sign language staff members

Rida Bakhit Abadrabbo Diab

Faculty of Foundation Studies

An academician for almost 26  years.  A graduate of Bachelor of English in1989.Received Diploma in Special Education in 1998.Taught Special Need students for six years already. Science Teacher Association in USA.  Her objective as a  lecturer is to encourage special need students and teach them how to develop  their English skills.

Email ID: ridaifp@gulfcollege.edu.om

Ext.: 211


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