BSc (Hons.) in Information Systems

Information and the management of IT play an increasingly important role in society today. This programme recognises the need for people and technology to work in harmony so it introduces the students to the psychology of systems, information processing and business and management processes. Students are also provided with a sound knowledge of systems analysis and design methods, database management systems and commercial applications. Throughout the course, there is an emphasis on how information is developed, controlled, deliv¬ered and used in commercial and business environments.

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The BSc (Hons) in Information Systems is awarded by Staffordshire University

This programme concentrates on alternative information systems strategies and techniques.

Bachelor degree holders of this programme will be qualified to pursue a career in the IT department of most companies, software houses and manufacturers as software and application professionals or consultants.

The BSc (Hons) in Information Systems can be achieved over a minimum period of 4 years.




Semester 1/ Block 1

ELT3001 English Language Proficiency (15 credit)

ELT3006 English for Academic Purposes & Study Skills

(15 credit)

COIS30887 Introduction to Professional and Academic Skills

(30 credit)

COSE30573 Introduction to Software Development and Computer Systems

(30 credit)

COIS31041 Introduction To Web and Database Technologies

(30 credit)

COIS31042 Mathematics for Computing (15 credits)

Semester 2/  Block 2

COIS31043 Entrepreneurship (Creativity and innovation) (15 credit)


Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00371-4 Introduction to Software Development

CE00300-4 Hardware & Software Systems & Networks

CE01002-4 Maths and Statistics for Computing

CE01243-4 Technical English for Computing

Semester 2/  Block 2

CE00882-4 Object Oriented and Event Driven Programming

CE00308-4 System Analysis & Design

CE00367-4 Introductory Business Concept

CE00328-4 Introduction to VB.Net


Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00315-5 Professional & Enterprise Development

CE00318-5 Database & Web Database Systems

CE00321-5 Systems Development Methods

CE00353-5 User-Centred Systems Development

Semester 2/  Block 2

CE00351-5 System Development for Business Processes

CE00310-5 Web Applications

CE00306-5 HCI & Usability

CE00314-5  Further Programming Concepts in C++ OR CE00342-5  Software Development for Mobile Computer Applications


Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00901-6 Computing Project: Research & Planning

CE00332-6 Advanced Database Systems


CE00346-6 Strategic Information Management


CE00874-6 Enterprise Applications with Java Enterprise Edition OR CE00362-6 Design Patterns

Semester 2/  Block 2

CE00902-6 Computing Project: Analysis & Design

CE00903-6 Computing Project: Implementation, Testing & Evaluation

CE00339-6 Information Systems Development Trends



Distributed Computer Systems




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