BSc (Hons.) in Computing Sciences

A key element of the Computing Sciences programme is the degree of choice offered to students. As students move through the degree, they increasingly take responsibility for their own learning, deciding which topics to study (from an approved list of computing specialisms) and selecting modules to support their area of interest. This requires students to be actively involved in deciding on their path through the degree and to make decisions about their post-graduation career.

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The BSc (Hons) in Computing Science is awarded by Staffordshire University

The Computing Science award combines a solid grounding in computing fundamentals with flexibility and choice. Almost half your course of study is chosen by you. At each level you study core modules to give you an understanding of computing concepts and skills in core technologies and at each level you chose the rest of your modules, allowing you to develop skills and knowledge in the branches of computing that you wish to study. The distinctive element of this programme is that you can create your own study route, tailoring your choice of option modules to your own interest and abilities. This ensures a good fit between you and your programme of study and allows you to select modules which will support your chosen career.

Bachelor degree holders of this programme will be qualified to pursue a career in the IT department of most companies, software houses and manufacturers as software and application professionals or consultants.

The BSc (Hons) in Computing Science can be achieved over a minimum period of 4 years.




Semester 1/ Block 1

ELT3001 English Language Proficiency (15 credit)

ELT3006 English for Academic Purposes & Study Skills

(15 credit)

COIS30887 Introduction to Professional and Academic Skills

(30 credit)

COSE30573 Introduction to Software Development and Computer Systems

(30 credit)

COIS31041 Introduction To Web and Database Technologies

(30 credit)

COIS31042 Mathematics for Computing (15 credit)

Semester 2/  Block 2

COIS31043 Entrepreneurship (Creativity and innovation) (15 credit)


Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00371-4 Introduction to Software Development

CE00842-4 Hardware & Software Systems & Graphics

CE01002-4 Maths and Statistics for Computing

CE01243-4 Technical English for Computing

Semester 2/  Block 2

CE00882-4 Object Oriented and Event Driven Programming

CE00839-4 System Modelling

CE00869-4  Algorithms & Data Structures in C

CE00126-4 Introduction to Networking with LAN’s and WAN’s OR CE00301-4 Web Design & Development


Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00315-5 Professional & Enterprise Development

CE00856-5 Database Systems

CE00314-5 Further Programming Concepts in C++

CE00881-5 LAN switching and WAN Networks OR CE00843-5 Web Database Programming

Semester 2/  Block 2

CE00342-5 Software Development for Mobile Computer Applications

CE00352-5 Systems Programming & Computer Control Systems

CE00880-5 Web Applications

CE00375-5  Fundamentals of Mobile Computing OR CE00353-5  User-Centred Systems Development


Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00901-6 Computing Project: Research & Planning

CE00360-6 Computer Systems Security


CE00870-6 Real-Time System


CE00874-6 Enterprise Applications with Java Enterprise Edition

Semester 2/  Block 2

CE00902-6 Computing Project: Analysis & Design

CE00903-6 Computing Project: Implementation, Testing & Evaluation


Distributed Computer Systems

CE00339-6 Information Systems Development Trends OR CE00362-6 Design Patterns



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