BSc (Hons.) in Computer Science

Computer Science is a technical award with a broad focus - it aims to produce graduates who are proficient in software development as well as having a sound understanding of the structure and operation of computers and the interface between computers and their environment. It also emphasises the hardware and system software of a computer, how they are designed, built and supported. The work includes a study of the major components of a computer system, particularly programming and how the components work together to make a variety of computer systems.

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The BSc (Hons) in Computer Science is awarded by Staffordshire University

Computer Science students study computing fundamentals, practical and theoretical, in the first year and progress to the study of advanced concepts and the acquisition of complex technical skills in the second and final years of the degree. The technical skills that students acquire are based on an understanding of the theoretical principles which underpin these skills. A wide range of different teaching and learning strategies are used. In addition to formal lectures, there are student led seminars, group presentations and theory based tutorials. Much of the teaching takes place in labs and a range of approaches are used including demonstrations, individual working, pair working and group exercises. Some modules are research based and include student presentations to tutors and to other students.

Bachelor degree holders of this programme will obtain the technical knowledge, skills and backgrounds to design, organise and support different computer systems. A typical career could be as a Computer Programmers, Computer Systems Specialists etc.

The BSc (Hons) in Computer Science can be achieved over a minimum period of 4 years.

BSc (Hons) Computer Science



Semester 1/ Block 1

ELT3001 English Language Proficiency (15 credit)

ELT3006 English for Academic Purposes & Study Skills

(15 credit)

COIS30887 Introduction to Professional and Academic Skills

(30 credit)

COSE30573 Introduction to Software Development and Computer Systems

(30 credit)

COIS31041 Introduction To Web and Database Technologies

(30 credit)

COIS31042 Mathematics for Computing (15 credit)

Semester 2/ Block 2

COIS31043 Entrepreneurship (Creativity and innovation) (15 credit)



Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00371-4 Introduction to Software Development

CE00842-4 Hardware & Software Systems & Graphics

CE01002-4 Maths and Statistics for Computing

CE01243-4 Technical English for Computing

Semester 2/ Block 2

CE00882-4 Object Oriented and Event Driven Programming

CE00839-4 System Modelling

CE00869-4  Algorithms & Data Structures in C

CE00855-4 Introduction to Operating Systems



Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00315-5 Professional & Enterprise Development

CE00856-5 Database Systems

CE00314-5 Further Programming Concepts in C++

CE00881-5 LAN switching and WAN Networks OR CE00843-5 Web Database Programming

Semester 2/ Block 2

CE00804-5 Hardware & Software Systems & Networks 2

CE00352-5 Systems Programming & Computer Control Systems

CE00883-5 Principles & Practices of Software Production

CE00375-5  Fundamentals of Mobile Computing OR CE00353-5  User-Centred Systems Development



Semester 1/ Block 1

CE00835-6 Project: Planning, Management, Communication & Appraisal

CE00870-6 Real-Time System

CE00360-6 Computer Systems Security

CE00874-6 Enterprise Applications with Java Enterprise Edition

Semester 2/  Block 2


Project: Research, Analysis & Artefact Design


Project: Artefact, Realisation, Testing & Evaluation


Distributed Computer Systems

CE00339-6 Information Systems Development Trends OR CE00362-6 Design Patterns



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