BSc (Hons.) in Business Information Systems

The BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems programme is designed to develop your knowledge and expertise in the analysis, development and application of socio-technical systems and the importance of information technology and computing in society. It provides a deep understanding of the underpinning theoretical foundations of information, technology and systems applied to modern business environments. You will also be exposed to the state-of-the art theories, technologies and research that will shape and transform society over the next decade. At a higher level, this programme will prepare you for graduate work by showcasing the impact and importance of information systems to the global digital economy.

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The BSc (Hons) in Business Information Systems is awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The BSc (Hons) in Business Information Systems programme is comprised of a number of core modules, with a range of options in the second and final year to develop your specific interests and expertise. Please refer below for the programme structure/ study plan with the details of the core and optional modules.

The graduates of this programme could have opportunities in organisations where there are positions such as Business Analyst, Database Administrator, Application Analyst, IT Consultant, Data Analyst, Systems Analyst, Project Management Consultant etc.

The BSc (Hons) in Business Information Systems can be achieved over a minimum period of 4 years.

BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems


Level 3

Semester/ Teaching Block 1

GLT3001 English Language Proficiency (20 credit) Compulsory

GLT3006 English for Academic Purposes & Study Skills (20 credit) Compulsory

GRM3000 Academic Skills in Practice (20 credit) Compulsory

GCO3000 Information Technology in Business  (20 credit) Compulsory

GRM3001 Introduction to Quantitative Methods (20 credit) Compulsory

Semester/ Teaching     Block 2

GHL3000 Management in Contemporary Organisations  (20 credit ) Compulsory

GRM3002 Entrepreneurship (Creativity and Innovation)  (20 credit) Compulsory

GAC3000 Personal Finance  (20 credit) Compulsory

Level 4

Semester/ Teaching Block 1

GIS4000 Computational Thinking (20 credit) Compulsory

GIS4001 Computing & Society (20 credit) Compulsory

GIS4004 Building for the Web (20 credit) Compulsory

Semester/ Teaching     Block 2

GSP4002 Business in a Global Context  (20 credit) Compulsory

GIS4005 Developing Quality Software & Systems I (20 credit) Compulsory

GIS4006 Fundamentals of Information Systems (20 credit) Compulsory

Level 5

Semester/ Teaching Block 1

GIS5005 Developing Quality Software & Systems II (20 credit ) Compulsory

GIS5008 Digital Business            (20 credit) Compulsory

GIS5001 Systems Analysis & Design (20 credit) Compulsory

Semester/ Teaching     Block 2

GIS5000 Research Methods for Computing & IS (10 credit) Compulsory

GRM5031 Summer Experience of Work with Personal Development Planning (10 credit) Compulsory

GIS5007 Law & Digital Security (20 credit)  Compulsory

GIS5009 Multimedia & Interaction (20 credit) Optional

GSP5017 Consumers, Cultures and Commerce (20 credit) Optional

Level 6

Semester/ Teaching Block 1

GIS6000 Business Information Systems Dissertation Project

(40 credit) Compulsory

GIS6011 Information Systems Project Management (20 credit) Compulsory

GIS6004 Professional & Ethical Issues in IT  (20 credit) Compulsory

Semester/ Teaching     Block 2

GIS6008 Analytics & Business Intelligence (20 credit) Compulsory

General Option (20 credit)


Level 6 options: students need to choose from the list below any 1 module of 20 credits

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship -GSP6032-20 credit
  • Leadership and Change Management GSP6064- 20 credit
  • Strategic Management - GSP6000-20 credit
  • Teaching of Computing- GIS6010-20credit
  • Advanced Multimedia- GIS6009-20 credit
  • Cyber Security- GIS6006-20 credit


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