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BA (Hons.) in Business Economics

The degree combines a wide array of technical, analytical and mathematical skills. This degree is perfect for students with deep interest in the factors affecting the economy in general and the business organisation in particular. The primary goal of the award is to produce a proactive and holistic graduate with sufficient skills and knowledge of the business aspects of economics and the functional areas of business. In addition, a study of applied microeconomics, focusing on the behaviour of firms and macroeconomics, analysing the economy as a whole, strengthens the understanding of business and lays the foundation for a managerial role.

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The BA (Hons) in Business Economics and the Business Economics Diploma in Higher Education is awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

The award is a combination of economic and business principles focusing on macro and micro details of the economy and the international influence. It explores the various aspects of economic principles in relation to the business environment. Students are expected to gather and interpret data, construct and deconstruct models, analyse problems and propose solutions, and describe and interpret economic situations. Moreover, students will also have a glimpse of other business modules such as entrepreneurship and enterprise, finance and financial planning, business development, strategic management and investments. Furthermore, work experience with personal development planning forms part of the award structure.

After the completion of the award, there are a multitude of possible career choices for students. The transferable skills acquired on the course are highly attractive to employers, making business economics graduates highly marketable. The business orientated applied economics on this award provides a solid foundation for careers as business economists and more general business management careers.

The BA (Hons) in Business Economics can be achieved over a minimum period of 4 years.

BA (Hons) in Business Economics





Teaching Block


Module Title (Credits)



Level 3


Teaching Block 1

English Language Proficiency (20)

Academic Skills in Practice(20)

Information Technology in Business(20)

Introduction to Quantitative Methods –(20)


Teaching Block 2

English for Academic Purposes & Study Skills (20)

Management in Contemporary Organisations(20)

Entrepreneurship (Creativity and Innovation)  (20)

Personal Finance(20)




Level 4




Teaching Block 1

Introductory Microeconomics (20)

Finance for Managers(20)


Gulf Regional Legal Environment of Business



Teaching Block 2

Introductory Macroeconomics (20)

Quantitative Methods (20)


Entrepreneurship and Enterprise(20)




Level 5




Teaching Block 1

Intermediate Microeconomics (20)

Financial Planning for Business(10)

Quantitative Methods II -(20)

Research Skills for Economists



Teaching Block 2



Intermediate Macroeconomics (20)


Summer Experience of work with Personal Development Planning(10) (Compulsory Option) / OR

Work Experience with Personal Development Planning (10)

(Compulsory Option)

Developing a Business


Money, Banking and Risk(20) OR

Investment Markets and Principles(20)



Level 6



Teaching Block 1

Applied Microeconomics


Strategic Management (20)

Applied Macroeconomics (20)


Teaching Block 2

Intermediate Applied Econometrics (10)



Investment Management(20)


Public Policy Economics (20)

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