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Centre for Training and Professional Development

Dr. Ines Masmoudi
Tel: 24468666  Ext: 286

The Centre for Training and Professional Development (CTPD) was established in 2015, and aims at delivering high quality, innovative training solutions that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of organisations’ employees, students, self-employed and entrepreneurs. The Centre has to its merit the approval of the Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman, to offer a wide range of training programmes which include information technology, business, industrial and commercial courses.

With more than 100 specialised lecturers and an extensive network of education partners, the Centre is focused on strengthening the individual capacities of participants and to improve the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of their skills and knowledge and enable them to respond effectively to their needs for work or study.


The main objectives of the Centre are to:


1.            Conduct the gap analysis for the corporate clients in terms of their training needs.

2.            Help individuals to be self-employed through providing SME training programmes and entrepreneurship specialised courses.

3.            Offer programmes suitable for candidates entering the workforce for the first time, those wishing to change careers or looking to refresh their knowledge or gain new skills.

4.            Offer professional bodies’ programmes to pursue jobs and education with ease.

5.            Offer technology based programmes to develop IT skills and help organisations achieve quality improvement and technology updates.

6.            Specialised training solutions in business management, accounting and finance, marketing and tourism.

7.            Cater to the needs of industries and deliver tailor-made programmes.

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