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Information Technology & E-Learning

Mr. Menhel Munir Shaker
IT Department Head
Tel: 24468666  Ext: 106

The Centre for Information Technology and E-Learning (CITE) provides, coordinates, and manages information technology and E-Learning facilities to the staff and students of Gulf College. The centre staff is responsible for supervising and following up college labs. There are several labs equipped with the latest developed sets connected to the web and provided with the necessary programmes for the curriculum. The centre provides the following services:

  1. Maintains the Student Information System
  2. Supervises the IT and Assignment labs,
  3. Maintains any breakdown that occurs for the PCs,
  4. Protects the PCs from viruses and protects the local web.
  5. Supports the faculties / centres / departments with all the necessary equipment for the PCs, printers,
  6. Provides uninterrupted Internet services inside the campus.
  7. Provides support to staff and Students about the latest development in the use of Virtual Learning Gateway
  8. Organises workshops on different issues related to e- Learning like use of turnitin and moodle
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Designation: IT Department Head
Email: manhal@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext.: 106

Designation: Networks & Facilities Manager
Email: rajesh@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 113

Designation: Senior IT Support
Email: royit@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 161

Designation: IT Technician
Email: yousef@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 131

Designation: IT Technician
Email: khalil@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 129

Designation: IT Technician
Email: iman-it@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 129

Designation: IT Technician
Email: sadiq@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 129