Student Guidance Specialist and Counsellor Department


Vision :

To help students transform personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities.


  • To guide, support and encourage students to reach their academic, personal, social and emotional potential, so the students can acquire:
  •  Enhanced self-awareness.
  • A clear focus of the issues, problems, patterns, etc.
  • Life-giving tools.
  • Resolution of core issues and lifelong patterns of personal struggles.
  • The want, the will and the choice to find peace in their lives.


  1. Give students the skills they need to succeed in their studies and social life.
  2. Support cooperation between the college and students in the fields of counseling and mental health.
  3. Providing consultancy to students, faculty and administrative staff at the college.
  4. Participate in the service and development of the community through the provision of individual sessions and workshops and group training sessions.
  5. Helping college students to adapt to university life requirements through developmental, preventive and training extension programs.
  6. The richness of the students' educational experiences through which they support their personal development and self-understanding so that they become more aware of their own identity, characteristics and personal abilities so that they can meet. the demands of life.
  7. Develop student personality through individual mentoring programs and assembly and provide support to students to deal with.


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