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About department:

The Department of Career Guidance and Alumni Affairs is a complement to the role of the Student Affairs Center. The department seeks to link the college's outputs to the job market so that the students can achieve a safe and secure career future that meets the aspirations in coordination with the governmental and private bodies and companies to achieve the mission and vision of the college. Qualified scientific and intellectual outputs in the field of recruitment and training.

Vision of the department:

Leadership and excellence in the training and employment of college graduates, and achieve a good reputation in the employment of the outputs of the college.

Mission of the department:

To raise students' job awareness and to develop and refine their abilities by training students in the skills needed to obtain the right job, and to create a link between the college and the labor market, to provide the market with outputs that suit his needs.

Objectives of the department:

1. Conducting training courses and workshops for both current and graduate students to improve their personal skills, develop their public relations and strengthen their job skills.

2. Provide career and vocational guidance to secondary schools through the school liaison program.

3. Direct current students or graduates to the industrial sector for work or training purposes.

4. Establishing bridges of communication between the Gulf College and the Industrial Sector to provide job opportunities for graduates.

5. Organize an open day and an exhibition of employment opportunities for current students, graduates and industry partners.

6. Provide opportunities for college students to learn from different cultures by encouraging international students to join the Gulf College.

7. Provide guidance and assistance for international students.

8. Coordinating meetings between the Consultative Group on Communication with Industry, the Graduate Student Contact Group and the Advisory Group for International Students.

9. Preserving the current student record and profile of graduates at Gulf College.

10. Encourage graduates of the Gulf College to participate in the various activities of the College and attend the annual meeting of graduates.


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