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The main responsibility of the Centre for Quality Enhancement is to improve the overall quality of the learning experience for the students. In order to achieve this, the Centre focuses on four areas:

  1. Teaching – for all the lecturers to follow international teaching standards of what is considered to be good practice in teaching. You may have seen us coming to one of your classes to observe the lecturers.
  2. Learning – for the students to become actively engaged with the learning materials and to interact with the lecturers and their fellow students
  3. Assessment – for the assignments and exams to fairly measure whether the students are achieving the learning outcomes. The manager of the CQE also does the proofreading of all the exam and assignment papers to check if there are no mistakes in them and whether the questions would be clear to the students.
  4. Curriculum – based on exam and assignment results to see what the implications are for teaching the curriculum, and making the necessary changes.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Delivering continuous professional development for academic staff
  • Conducting research into the student experience by means of the Course Experience Questionnaire and interviews with students.

The results of the Course Experience Questionnaire 2016 are in.

Every year in the second semester the Centre for Quality Enhancement asks the students what they think about their lecturers and their modules. The questionnaire was distributed to the classes of the 80 lecturers in all the three faculties, and 3573 students responded.  We give the students 20 statements about the quality of the lecturers and the modules, and students indicate on a scale of 1 to 5 whether they (strongly) dis agree or (strongly) agree with them. The 2016 results show that on average students agree (3.97 out of 5) with the statements, indicating that they think the quality of their lecturers and modules is good.



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Designation: Manager

Antonia has a background in teaching English, specialising in the Cambridge exams, bilingual education and teacher training. She has an MA in Applied Linguistics from St Mary’s College in Twickenham, UK, an MA in Teaching English from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and the Diploma in English Language Teaching from the University of Cambridge, UK. In Gulf College she has responsibility for teaching, learning, assessment and the curriculum and as such works across the three faculties in the college. The aim is to improve the learning experience of the students in Gulf College.

Email: antonia@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 198

Designation: CB Coordinator - Faculty of Computing Sciences

Ms. Bobby Sathyaseelan completed her Master’s in Computer Application from School of Technology and Applied Sciences , Mahatma Gandhi University, India, with the specialisation in software engineering. She is an action oriented professional who has 13 years of teaching experience teaching undergraduate students. She joined Gulf College in the year 2008 as a lecturer and now she is the capacity building coordinator for FCS. She is an active researcher who has presented and published papers in conferences and journals. Her current research interest includes cloud security, Internet of Things and Enterprise applications.  She is a committed lecturer who is aware of different learning styles, teaching across subject boundaries involving students in goal setting where appropriate. She is also the recipient of the Academic Excellence Award by the CEO and Chairman of Gulf College a couple of times.

Email: bobby@gulfcollege.edu.om

Ext No: 196

Designation: CB Coordinator – Faculty of Foundation Studies

A passionate lecturer holding a post graduate degree in English Language Literature and has been in the academia for ten years now. Following successful handling of the different responsibilities in the faculty as an Integrated Project module leader, General English module leader, First Certificate in English (FCE) Exam board manager, currently she has a position of Capacity Building Coordinator (CBC) of Faculty of Foundation Studies. As a CBC, she supports the enhancement process of teaching quality, learning environment, assessment and curriculum in the Faculty of Foundation Studies.

Email: meenakshi@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 196

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