About us

Vision, Mission & Values


Contribute in developing the future direction of higher education in Oman, producing graduates with the ability to think, achieve and excel in research and entrepreneurship.


Offer internationally recognised and innovative academic qualifications that are appropriate to the needs of the students, the job market and meet the international standards.


Gulf College is guided in fulfilling its mission through seven core values:

  1. Teaching, learning, assessment and curriculum: Gulf College adopts an environment that promotes continuous improvement in teaching, learning assessment and curriculum based on inputs from stakeholders.
  2. Accountability: Gulf College is accountable to its stakeholders in fulfilling its vision, mission, and objectives in an appropriate manner through internal and external reviews.
  3. Integrity: Gulf College maintains its integrity through implementing code of practices of academic partners and legislation bodies in line with international standards.
  4. Research and Entrepreneurship: Gulf College works with the employers, industries and the community to provide its graduates with skills related to research and entrepreneurship.
  5. Social Responsibility: Gulf College provides higher education opportunities to the working population and secondary school graduates and also seeks to widen the access to higher education programmes to the socially underprivileged and the special needs sector.
  6. Quality: Gulf College is committed to meet the standards set by the regulatory bodies in Oman and the partner institutions through a comprehensive quality management system, which focuses on quality assurance and quality enhancement through continuous reviews and improvements.
  7. Student Focused: Students are always a priority at Gulf College, student focused services are provided through the student support service centres