When is the admissions deadline for Academic Semesters?


Gulf College has two semesters that is first week of October and March of every year, applicants have to complete their applications and get the approval at least four weeks before the dates mentioned above.


Where and how can someone obtain information on GC?


  • Gulf College website - www.gulfcollege.edu.om
  • Or e-mail the Head of Faculties. Email addresses are available on Gulf College website.
  • Or contact the admission and registration department, email is enquiry@gulfcollege.edu.om
  • Or call the following telephone numbers:
    • Gulf College +968-24468666
    • Mobile: 968-93035558


Where is GC accredited?


  • GC is a private Higher Education Institution and operates in Oman under the supervision of Ministry of Higher Education. Gulf College offers degrees through affiliated arrangements with UK Universities.
  • On the successful completion of the course requirements the certificates gets issued by the affiliated UK universities, transcript and graduation notification gets endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman.


Does GC offer correspondence or distance learning programmes?


All our degree programs require regular attendance, no courses can be completed by correspondence or distance learning.


Does GC provide residency visas for its students?


Yes, Gulf College does have arrangements for visas to all students who are registered.


What are the admission criteria’s for Undergraduate Programmes?


  • Applicants should fill application forms for the admission for the undergraduate programmes.
  • The following needs to be submitted along with the application forms:
    • Copy of the secondary school certificate or equivalent
    • Four recent passport size photographs
    • Copy of the passport
    • Evidence of the Proficiency I written and spoken English Language through either IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson. Students who have no evidence will have to take this on their arrival in Oman at Gulf College. If the student scores less than IELTS 6 they will get admission to the IFP programme or Pe-Sessional Intensive Plus Programe or the Pre-IFP programme.
    • Copy of any training programmes
    • Registration fee of OMR 100 or USD 260 (non-refundable)


Does GC ask for TOEFL, PEARSON and IELTS?


  • For admission into all Under Graduate and Post Graduate programmes, an English Language Certification of IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson is mandatory.
  • However, an English Language Proficiency Test facility is available in GC in form of PEARSON Test Center and an in house IELTS. Therefore, English certification is not compulsory at the time of admission.  


If an applicant meets the admission requirements except for the TOEFL, IELTS or PEARSON score, can he/she still join GC?


  • Gulf College offers three programmes for the students who doesn’t possess IELTS 6, these are:
    • International Foundation Programme
    • Pre-Sessional Intensive Plus Programme
    • Pre-IFP Programme



Does GC accept transfer students?


  • Students who have studied in other universities and colleges can be transferred to Gulf College through one of the following systems:
    • Advance standing arrangements
    • Accreditation Prior Learning System
    • Students who wants to come through this route needs to submit the following documentation:


Does GC provide hostel facilities?


The new campus of Gulf College, has on campus hostel facilities. The cost is subject to the type of the accommodation. 


Does GC provide transport facilities from residence to Campus and city centres?


Yes, Gulf College has transport facilities for the students residing in Gulf College hostel.


What is the average cost of independent living to include rent, food, transport and miscellaneous?


The inductive annual cost of living is shown in the table below. This is only for the budgeting purpose and to provide guidelines to the students parents and sponsors.



Estimated Cost Annual




Annual Tuition Fee

OMR 2,250



Living cost including utilities

OMR 1,200



Mobile Subscription

OMR 300



Stipend and Pocket Money

OMR 400




OMR 600



Miscellaneous (shopping and dining out)

OMR 250



OMR 5,000


The above cost is an average and estimated for the purpose of budgeting only. Cost under serial 2,3,4,5 & 6 will be depending on students actual spending and ability to manage the budget



















What dining facilities are available on Campus?


Gulf College new campus has students’ dining areas, restaurants and coffee shops. Students can also cook food at their hotels. Groceries are available in the surrounding areas. In addition to the above Gulf College will be providing transports for the hostel students for their weekly shopping. 


What medical facilities will be provided to students?


Gulf College will have a clinic on campus to deal with emergency cases. The overseas students will have to pay for their medical or get a medical insurance. The estimated cost is around USD 260 annually for a normal medical insurance.


What entertainment facilities are available on Campus?


  • Most of the sport facilities are available both indoor and outdoor (Students recreational center)
  • Gulf College also has facilities for social interactions and students various activities, this includes sports, cultural events, community nights, scholars and different activity groups


Can students visit neighboring countries?


Yes, on request and the student should complete a minimum of 6 months stay in Oman


What are the accepted forms of payment?


GC with accept all students to make the payment for the tuition fee twice every year i.e. in the beginning of every semester, however GC does offer an installment plan to the students but this needs to be guaranteed either by the parents or the sponsor.