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Deputy Dean-Quality Management & Registry

Dr. Shameena Mehtab

Deputy Dean-Quality Management & Registry
Tel: 24468666 Ext.: 105

The main responsibility of the Deputy Dean for Quality Management & Registry is to provide administrative leadership, guidance and support in quality assurance at all levels of the College, and to support the institutional and programme accreditation processes. The Deputy Dean for Quality Management & Registry also has the responsibility of providing administrative liaison with the partner universities. The other responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating and providing support to internal and external quality assurance activities and reviews in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations, thus ensuring high standards of delivery of all academic programmes.
  • Taking the lead in developing internal systems and procedures, policy formulation and quality improvement to maintain and enhance the quality of the academic programmes and the supporting services.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the action plans for the various quality check points.

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