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Deputy Dean-Academic and Research


The Deputy Dean for Academic and Research (DDAR) reports to the Dean of Gulf College (GC), and is responsible for coordinating the research and entrepreneurship activities of the college.

Research and Entrepreneurship is one of the main concerns of the DDAR who leads the creation of a vibrant distinct research culture, one that generates findings and ideas of domestic and international significance. The Office of the DDAR aims at creating an environment that enables innovative research and scholarship; disseminating research findings effectively through publications in refereed journals, faculty exchanges, colloquium and conferences both locally and internationally; translating research goals into best-practice solutions and research projects with lasting impact to the economic growth and development in the society.

 In addition to that, the DDAR has the following responsibilities:

  • Chairs the College Coordinating Committee
  • Chairs the IT resources Committee
  • Chairs the Learning Resources Advisory Committee
  • Serves as the focal point of Gulf College with The Research Council