Dr. Ali Al Badi, Deputy Dean, Academic Affairs & Research

Email : aalbadi@gulfcollege.edu.om


The Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Research (DDAAR) reports to the Dean of Gulf College (GC). Two main areas that fall under the supervision of the Office of the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Research (DDAAR) are: 

  1. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies to coordinate the admission and registration process of both undergraduate (Faculty of Business and Management Studies, Faculty of Computing Sciences and Center for Foundation Studies) and postgraduate students with the Registrar’s Office. Office of the DDAAR is working on improving both programs and facilitating an attractive and enjoyable studying environment, aiming to be a leading HEIs in Oman; 
  2. Research to enhance the strength and vitality of Business research by identifying new opportunities, developing collaborations and establishing partnerships between faculty, industry, and government units.  Research is one of the main concerns of the DDAAR who leads the creation of a vibrant distinct research culture, one that generates findings and ideas of domestic and international significance.  The Office of the DDAAR aims at creating an environment that enables innovative research and scholarship; disseminating research findings effectively through publications in refereed journals, and conferences both locally and internationally; translating research goals into best-practice solutions and research projects with lasting impact to the economic growth and development in the society.

In addition to that, the DDAAR has the following responsibilities:

  • Heading the Center for postgraduate studies and Research (Research, postgraduate studies  and Industry Engagement & Entrepreneurship)
  • Heading the Center for academic support (Library, IT and E-Learning and Learning Support)
  • Chairs the College Research Committee
  • Serving as Gulf College focal point with The Research Council

I hope the information available in our website will be helpful to our current as well as our future students and researchers. 

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