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Chairman, Board of Director- Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, Gulf College

Dr. Issa Sabeel Al Bulushi

Chairman, Board of Director-
Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, Gulf College



On behalf of the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, the College Advisory Boards and the Students’ Advisory Council, I welcome you to Gulf College, Muscat. We at Gulf College always endeavour to enhance and strengthen the academic knowledge of our students through perseverance, hard work, innovation and creative ideas. We also focus on strengthening the critical thinking skills and analytical ability of our students. This is done through knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing using various sources pertaining to higher education and related to the higher education programmes we deliver. Our perseverance in understanding and delivering the latest internationally recognised higher education programmes has given us a distinctive edge and has enabled us to perform with distinguished quality.

Our college doors are open to every student, local and international, and I have full confidence in their ability after they graduate from our college to shoulder various business and social responsibilities and to make a very positive impact at their work place.

Furthermore, we work to strengthen our participation in the sustained development of the Omani economy which embarked from  its renaissance on a series of successful five-year development plans devised by the Omani government which has always been inspired by the wise and longsighted vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, Allah bless him.

One of our main aims is to equip our graduates with ethical principles and commitment to follow the academic route in life. This is achieved through direct interactions to gain international experience in the fields of science and technology and at the same time to capitalise, maintain and learn from our rich culture, heritage and history.We train and educate our students to think freely and with wisdom to strengthen their sense of responsibility and we guide them on basic principles focused on developing their personality, getting used to administering themselves and on improving their personal initiatives and skills. The College has been taking care of these aspects since its establishment by forming various Gulf College activity groups.

I believe that we in Oman are very fortunate indeed for having vibrant and positive government policies that widely promote and encourage the development of higher education institutions. This has been one of the countless outcomes of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said's, Allah bless him, clear directives. His Majesty has been saying it very clearly from day one that the Omani citizen shall always be at the centre of Oman’s development strategies’ and so we have been.




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